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Bespoke attribution
for faster, more
profitable growth.

COmpass is our proprietary attribution solution that unveils the true value of your entire marketing ecosystem, providing you with a single source of truth for bottom line growth. 💸

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Why digital brands are upgrading to COmpass

Break free from unreliable multi-touch and click-based attribution methods

Understand what’s really driving growth (both drivers and triggers) with true incrementality

Measure behaviour with zero privacy or cookie limitations

Get more than a“plug-and-play” dashboard solution, with 1-1 data interpretation

Dive deeper into sub-channel navigational behaviours (ie. micro vs. nano influencers)

Allocate budget where it matters and cut wasted ad spend for optimum ROI and reduced CAC

Measure your entire marketing funnel - offline and online

Understand the true impact of influencer marketing, beyond just direct code redemptions and vanity metrics

COmpass helps brands navigate their way to transformative growth

MRR in
one year

COmpass insights allowed Different Dog to effectively allocate budget where it mattered and indentified new channels to scale beyond META.

Increase in new customers

COmpass models revealed where AKT could cut wasted ad spend and reallocate budgets, delivering 92% growth in just 7 weeks.

Kick off call

You will meet with one of our consultants who will dive into your current attribution methods, clarify your goals, and discuss any custom builds needed for your COmpass model.

Data streamlining and model build

We’ll plug into your tech stack to handle end-to-end data collection, data alignment and will begin building models bespoke to your brand and channels.

Hardcore data modelling

Using our proprietary algorithms, we’ll begin crunching the numbers to understand the lower-funnel (triggers) and upper-funnel (drivers) value of your marketing channels - from OOH to TikTok.

1-1 Model Feedback and Growth Plan

We’re not about black box outputs. Rather, we’ll sit down with you 1-1 to provide you with in-depth model feedback and growth plan recommendations.

Informed budgets
Grow profitability
Full-funnel visualisation
Customer clarity
Decrease CAC
Scale beyond paid search and retargeting

We are experts in data-driven digital marketing

We combine our 30+ years of data science and digital marketing knowledge, with our hands—on channel management experience, to provide clients with industry-leading data interpretation and growth guidance.

A team ready to join you in-house

Once your COmpass is complete, if needed, our team of consultancy specialists can help fill gaps in your team, joining you day-to-day to help scale growth channels - from CRM to paid media, CRO to influencers.

COmpass is one solution that replaces them all

by Charlie Oscar
Click Based Attribution
Plug-in Attribution Dashboards
Incrementality (MMM) Blended with MTA
Consideration & Trigger Impacts
Revenue Triggers
Full-Funnel Measurement
(Online & Offline)
GDPR and Privacy compliant
1-to-1 Data Interpretation and Feedback
Actively Running Client Media Channels (Platform Expertise)

Word on the street about COmpass

charlie & alex
Founders of Different Dog
“Charlie Oscar felt right to us and our culture. There’s really good chemistry between the teams and we see a lot of things in similar ways, but at the same time are willing to challenge each other."
Founder of Lucky Saint
“COmpass was by far the best piece of work that any third party has done for us. It was extremely helpful for our team and the insights were highly actionable.”

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