February 1, 2023

Cuppa 10: Hype Culture, Brand Resilience, Marketing Psychology, Short-form audio

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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The rise, the fall, and the rise again of Crocs

I've personally never flaunted crocs, but I do have major respect for the brands' resilience over the years. They've gone from almost bankruptcy to ranking in $800M in annual sales. But how did they do it? A strategic blend of building brand equity, creating an emotional trigger that lasts, and leaning into emerging platforms, figures, and trends.


Is it time to start questioning hype culture? 

Waiting in line for absurdly priced items has become one of the biggest fashion rituals of the decade. But are we buying the fuss or the fabrics? Ballyhoo is a new clothing concept that explores our relationship between brands, hype, and value, launching with a collection of t-shirts that invite you to wear the price you pay. The concept provokes interesting commentary on the power of logos, design, and exclusivity in brand building.

Balenciaga reinforces its brand with the help of The Simpsons

To launch their new collection at Paris Fashion Week, Balenciaga created an episode of ‘The Simpsons.' It's charming, funny, and totally meta. It's also a genius example of how poking fun at yourself can reinforce your brand values, signals, and codes in a memorable way. Watch it. You won't regret it.



Giving up control drives more return from influencers

One of my favourite influencer campaigns ever would have to be Ocean Spray and Nathan Apodaca, because it was 100% organic. According to new research, the success of organic brand moments like this has spurred marketers to loosen the reigns on their brand messaging and give influencers total creative control. The results? Exponentially higher engagement, clicks and ROI.


10 marketing psychology tips that will increase conversions

A punchy twitter thread about how to use marketing psychology to your advantage and increase conversions on your website, emails, ads and more. From colour psychology to nostalgia, Jeremy Moser breaks down the value of each theory and how to apply it.


Clubhouse pivots to short-form audio

Whatever you're speaking about on Clubhouse, ain't going to be staying on Clubhouse much longer. The audio network has announced two new features that intend to make it easier to share soundbites from the app. This pivot definitely plays into the theories around short-form audio becoming the next big social network trend, and with my ever-shrinking attention span I'm all for it!

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Are concepts like Raye the future of DTC brand discovery?

The chatter amongst London right now is all about Raye - a traveling pop-up grocery store that showcases a curated collection of the most innovative food, drinks, and wellness brands. With new DTC brands cluttering the internet every minute, being included in curated marketplaces like Raye may soon be a crucial tactic within the DTC playbook.


Squid Game is a lesson on global takeover

I would find it hard to believe if no one in the last week has recommended Squid Game to be your next Netflix binge. The series is on track to become the most-watched show in Netflix's history, and the factors behind its viral popularity can be taken as useful lessons in content distribution for brand builders: ignite word-of-mouth, accommodate for optimum accessibility, and feed the meme machine.


Meet Sunroom. The new creator app for women.

Aiming to strike a note somewhere between Instagram and OnlyFans, Sunroom is preparing to take their stake in the billion dollar creator economy with a liberating female-driven app. It's no secret that women create the most sought after content on the internet, so I'm intrigued to see how much economic opportunity this will create for femme creators around the world. Make sure to sign-up for updates, with early backing from the likes of Whitney Wolfe, I've got an inkling this will be the next Bumble.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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