February 1, 2023

Cuppa 13: Drip vs. Drop, Web3, BFCM, Duolingo, SMS marketing, Taylor Swift

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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Drip is the new drop

The art of the drop has proven to be a successful tool for both fashion and junk food brands alike. However, as we begin to participate in a digital future that is centred around the art of collecting, investing, and community-building, the effectiveness of the drop will start to lose its glimmer, ushering in a more evolved model - the drip.

Harry Styles wants to create boundary-pushing and joyful products

I think we're up to the millionth episode of celebrities-starting-beauty-brands, but honestly I can see a future for this one. Launching this week with a boujie range of nail polishes and skincare, I think if played right, Styles' Pleasing has the potential to become a hub for luxe lifestyle products, proving that celeb-brands don't just have to be short-lived publicity grabs. A good proof point of this is Seth Rogen's CBD and lifestyle brand Houseplant.

How this period care brand uses “extreme” content to stand out

"How far is too far?" is a question you've likely asked yourself if creating content in a taboo category. But for Nadya Okamoto, founder of period care brand August, she's going farther than any competitor has gone before and is posting her menstrual blood (and more) on TikTok. With millions of views, the videos are purpose-driven marketing at its best: bold, polarising, and unapologetic.



Here's the ultimate TikTok content strategy  

Utilised by the social media marketing OG's, Red Bull, and recommended by the content experts at TikTok, this deep dive into the flicker, flash, and flare content framework is one to pass straight to your content and marketing team.

Paid social insights to get you prepared for BFCM

A series of short videos from the paid social experts at Nest to help you get prepared in the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. My favourite takeaway: don't just focus on the discount you're offering, in a sea of bold red discounts your USPs are just as important in getting the customer over the line.

How Duolingo gained 1.1 million TikTok followers in a month

A useful twitter thread about how Duolingo’s TikTok went from 114K to 1.1 million followers in a month. TLDR: Create content that entertains first and educates second, use TikTok's Flicker, Flash, Flare model (see above), and double down on what works during experimentation.

Why SMS is still a useful tool in the privacy first-era

A recent survey of 2000 consumers from the UK, Netherlands, France and Sweden showed that 76% of them would be interested in texting with brands, but it comes with a catch: they only want to hear from you when you have something valuable to share.

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Web3, crypto, tokens, DAO's, NFT's?!

If you're feeling like everyone online is suddenly talking in a different language you're not alone. Trying to understand everything Web3 is how I imagine older generations feel about using new social media platforms. Karma on us for rolling our eyes at them! Any-who, if you're keen to dive in and learn here are some useful resources to get started: the ultimate thread of web3 starter guides and what brands need to know about NFT's.

How fans are becoming millionaires

Once you've read a little bit about web3 via the links above, this video from Blake Robbins is a great summary of how Web3 is going to completely revolutionise fandoms. In Web2, fans were passively supporting somebody. Most of the value accrued to major third-party platforms. In Web3, fans have the opportunity to realise economic and social upside for contributing to the success of somebody. Great insight to mull over as you start to develop your Web3 strategies.

Taylor Swift is a master of content and community

She's been re-recording her old albums over the past year, but her most recent re-release of the album 'Red' (in particular the song ‘All Too Well’) has taken over the internet, providing not only a good dose of nostalgia but some key lessons in content marketing:

  1. Drip don't drop: yes, just like the article shared earlier, Taylor is also leaning further into drip model by releasing short-films at timed intervals to keep fans excited and engaged by her content constantly.
  2. Co-create with your community: Taylor is known to lurk the social accounts of her fans and genuinely take on their feedback. So when they were upset about particular songs not getting music videos back in 2012, she took note and made videos for them in the re-records. This allows her fans to feel like they're playing a key role in her creative process, making them even more engaged and hyped online.
  3. Easter eggs: Swift is known to include hidden messages and symbols in her content for fans to theorise over and this time was no different. The internet went into a frenzy trying to unpack every single frame. This helps foster connection within her fandom and forces her videos to not be just a one-time-watch; each living in a cinematic universe that her fans have to re-visit in order to connect the dots.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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