March 19, 2024

Cuppa 17: Gen Z streetwear, Sonic branding, Wordle, Habitual purchasing

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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Why everyone is talking about Corteiz

Are you in the know? It wasn't until last week when they shut down London with their viral puffer jacket stunt that I had even heard of them (this IYKYK aura is a big part of their success). Corteiz is the hottest streetwear brand in London right now. They're one of the most-searched-for brands on Depop and their Gen Z fans are hyper-engaged. But how have they set their brand apart from other players in a global streetwear industry worth $185 billion? Embracing locality and creating belonging in an industry that has been commodified and glamourised.

YouTuber, MrBeast, becomes the Willy Wonka of consumer products

With his viral stunt videos, such as recreating Squid Game,  Jimmy Donaldson (aka MrBeast) has built one of the largest audiences on the internet, so it's a no brainer for him to capitalise and launch a consumer brand. Cue: Feastables, a better-for-you snack company. Yep, a snack brand sounds random at first, given the type of content he creates, but to align with his MrBeast productions, he's gone full Wonka and is giving away over $1 million worth of prizes, and ten random people will be flown out to compete in a video for his “chocolate factory." It's *chefs kiss* brand strategy.

Do you have a sonic identity?

What does the sound “TUDUM” immediately make you think of? If you thought of Netflix, you can thank the powers of sonic branding for distilling a multimillion-dollar brand into a few seconds of sound. It's still a relatively new concept, and sure it might not feel like an immediate priority in your marketing mix, but its worth a ponder to see if you can be an early adopter.

 Why looks really matter in the F&B category

“Studies have shown that “beauty” literally triggers a part of our cerebellum that controls our hand movement, making us literally want to reach out for beautiful things." It comes to no surprise then, that F&B is undergoing an industry renaissance, where left, right, and centre brands are leaning into aesthetic rebrands and shelfie culture.


Is brand loyalty out? Data shows the ‘habit’ generation is in.

An interesting study demonstrates how incentives and rewards lead to habitual purchasing. This piece is a good reminder for marketers in e-commerce where growth hacks are abound, that the behaviour of repeat purchasing is sometimes not the best indicator for loyalty, we should be looking at how we nurture the relationship across all customer touch-points.

Helpful tools you should have in your brand-building toolkit

Share these handy links with your team and tell them to bookmark them into their browsers right now: Email marketing inspo, SMS marketing inspo, YouTube Ad library, Landing page inspo, copywriting examples.

There's more to community building than creating a discord

A twitter thread from brand-first performance marketer, Chris Mikulin, who shares some actionable tips on how to create thriving community spaces that last.

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There's more to community building than creating a discord


Who will own the creator economy as we move into Web3?  

It seems like only in the past year have Web2 platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter woken up to the need to actively help their creators make money. But with Web3 challengers like Sunroom (launching this week FYI) pioneering new forms of monetisation and allowing creators to “own” their audience, a showdown for who owns the future of the creator economy is looming.

Social media is casual again

Blurry photos, photo dumps, and chaotically random TikTok videos are defining a new era of casual social media (although still incredibly performative). This piece from strategist, Anna-Rae Morris, provides some great takeaways for brands looking to keep up with the movement and ensure their content remains relevant.

That random M&M's makeover

If you haven't seen it already, there's was a lot of uproar surrounding M&M's strange decision to redesign their little chocolate gang of characters. From how they de-sexualised the Green M&M to how the Orange one now sports a fearful expression to “acknowledge his anxiety," here's a full breakdown of all the rebrand drama.

Everything you need to know about Wordle and why it's gone viral

Are your Insta stories or Twitter feeds filled with Wordle screenshots? Me too. It's unavoidable. The game has become so popular that, news just in, The New York Times has snapped it up to boost their online subscriptions. Unfortunately, all good things (free things) must come to an end.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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