March 19, 2024

Cuppa 2: The one thing all consumer brands need to scale successfully.

Shope Delano
VP Marketing
Dan Wilson
Chief Data Officer

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The economics of movie product placements

In 2020, the British clothing and shoe manufacturer Lonsdale generated an estimated $16.5m from its 16+ minutes of screentime in The Gentlemen. Movie product placement is big business, and quite often requires zero spend from brands themselves. Here's how it works.

Production company A24 moves into commerce

Speaking of movies, the production company behind cult-movies Euphoria, Midsommar, Moonlight and Hereditary are moving into beauty. Content x commerce at its finest.

The most creative social content comes out of TikTok

When it comes to boosting creativity on a smaller screen, brands should be hiring Tik Tok creators as consultants to help them produce more entertaining social content. This brilliant TikTok trend that saw an innocent video turn into an elaborate hostage plot is case in point.



Dan here. Chief Data Officer at Charlie Oscar. Let's talk frankly about data-driven marketing, moving beyond the buzzwords…

For e-commerce brands to meaningfully use data to power their marketing and ops, they'll need a single customer view. In plain speak, that means having the capability to capture customer behaviour across all marketing platforms, aggregate it, and use it to optimise their marketing and product journey's.

The challenge is that modern digital brands have a growing number of purchase environments (D2C transactions, subscription, Instagram commerce, offline retail) and none of them play nicely together. This creates the frequently spoken about problem of data silos. To make matters more challenging, the standard methods used to combine these data silos are becoming harder with Apple's restriction of mobile device ID's (James digs into this here) and the decay of cookie tracking.

The solution lies in data science. I'll walk you through the kind of growth our in-house data science lab unlocks for our brands, and in doing so, show you that data science is non-negotiable infrastructure for any scale up consumer brand. Get into the case study here.

Successful personalisation at scale is a mix of creative + segmentation

When the pandemic caused an overnight shift in consumer lives and behaviour, snack company Mondelēz International, quickly adapted their messaging to reflect and connect with these changes. Students’ “library lunch” ads, for example, became “Chew quietly. Your computer mic is on.”

Squeezing more conversions out of your product pages

Making the leap from a good product page, to a high-performing product page requires more than beautiful imagery, and witty copy. This piece lays out 9 tried-and-tested techniques for boosting conversion, such as activating live chat, cross-selling, and surfacing social proof.

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Brands have a growing number of purchase environments.


YouTube takes on TikTok to the tune of $100m

Via a healthy-sized $100m fund, YouTube is paying creators to create content on their new platform and TikTok competitor ‘Shorts’. Departing from their traditional ad-based model, creators will be paid based on engagement and views only.

The pandemic has changed who we are and what we care about

COVID-19 crashed into our lives with such intensity that we've been dislodged from our standard patterns of behaviour. As a result, 2021 and beyond will create new norms, and for commerce, that means new opportunities.

Brand building in a taboo space

Get an in-depth look into how Maude, a sexual wellness company, developed their brand (hint: it was a mix of art, science and culture) and kept up with pandemic demand (they grew 50% QoQ, and had 22k pre-orders for their best selling product when it sold out.)

Shopping as entertainment = Retailtainment

“If you are under the impression that you have seen everything associated with shopping-entertainment, you are in for a ride. Because this is just the beginning.” Think gaming, personalisation, video streaming, and peer-to-peer messaging.

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Shope Delano
VP Marketing
Dan Wilson
Chief Data Officer
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