March 19, 2024

Cuppa 20: Oatly, SEO Tips, Scam Artists, Lululemon

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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YouTube for storytelling, TikTok for trendsetting

In our last edition of Cuppa, we spoke about how TikTok is planning to extend its max video length to 10 minutes, making it a potential competitor to YouTube. Although I always recommend testing new channel features, it shouldn't mean we all ditch YouTube entirely. Instead, like Gen Z earring brand, STUDS (raised £20M in 2021), tailor your content and social strategies to the larger behavioural trends of each channel, not the features.

How to get that “they're everywhere" effect at launch

You have all your ducks lined up in a row for launch day - stunning branding, a great website, and a killer product. But what' the secret ingredient that brands like Otherland, August, and Graza used to give them that “viral" effect on launch day?

Oatly gives consumer brands a masterclass in branded content

Podcast advertising or creating owned podcasts has proven to be a successful channel for many digital brands. But Oatly has now flipped the podcast playbook on its head with their latest branded content venture - Oatly Lake. I love that rather than creating a podcast based on their brand mission, industry, or product (which is the usual route of most branded podcasts), they leaned into the culture of true crime podcasts and created something consumers actually want to listen to. (*create a free account to read)


What you need to know to prepare for the next payments frontier  

New data from The Global Payments Report predicts that Buy Now, Pay Later options will account for $438B in spend - over 5% of global e-commerce - by 2025. Digital wallets are also projected to rise to 52.5% of transaction value in 2025. The main takeaway? It's time prep your e-comm payment options for the next frontier.

A framework to increase CTR

If you work in e-comm you're probably well aware that when it comes to advertising on digital, you're not just competing with brands, but also with content that people want to see, like meme accounts and posts from family and friends. It's why 99% of people don't click on your ads. To help you increase that CTR, performance marketing agency, Bark (clients include the likes of Patch Pants and HIMS) has put together a handy creative testing framework for you to use when crafting your next ad.

Expert e-commerce SEO tips

A hugely valuable interview with Kevin Miller, the founder of GR0 (one of the best SEO agencies) that provides actionable tips for digital brands on how to improve SEO.

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Now, Pay Later options will account for $438B in spend


Wellness to night luxe - the new “it girl” aesthetic

I've found myself frequently turning down the exposure of my photos and posting more shots of cocktails than green smoothies lately…turns out I'm just another victim of the latest social movement - "night luxe." It's all about indulgence and debauchery right now, and the data is proving it - #nightluxe currently has 16 million views on TikTok while the hashtag #darkluxuryaesthetic has over 5.6 million views.

What's with all the con-artist content?

Like many, my television choices have been consumed by The Dropout, Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna. But why are we all suddenly obsessed with stories of scam artists? This article provides some good insight into why.

Lululemon joins the footwear race - finally

I've been waiting for this one! Set to launch next month in the UK, Lululemon will enter the footwear category with a training shoe, running shoe, and a slide. Brands that have started as apparel-first, like The North Face, Under Armour, and Columbia, have long faced struggles developing complementary footwear, so it will be interesting to see how far this new category will go for Lululemon.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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