March 19, 2024

Cuppa 21: Lego, Moodboards, Influencer Airbnb's, Drinking Culture

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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How Lego has remained on top for 90 years  

We're big believers in the importance for brands to leverage cultural trends in their advertising and product. But the challenge when doing this is separating signals, which indicate longer-term shifts, from shiny new things that don't go anywhere. This deep dive into Lego's 90 year reign - yes 90 years! - is an inspiring look into how Lego successfully leveraged pop-culture trends that were of most benefit to build brand longevity.

The power of a tagline  

Speaking on longevity, Specsavers recently celebrated 20 years of their infamous tagline “Should've gone to Specsavers" with a clever campaign that spans OOH, TV, digital, and partnerships. My favourite element of the campaign was their sponsorship of the self-proclaimed “worst football club in Britain.” I also love that the creative concepts don't lean into the 20-year history of the tagline. After all, they don't need to remind people. The line has made its way into our everyday playful vernacular. Instead, they've continued to make sure the message is as relevant and current as possible. Alas, it's the perfect example of effective creative: it's distinctive, emotional, well-branded, and has longevity.

Are you a victim of the “moodboard effect”?

I chuckled when I saw the picture that accompanies this article, and I'm sure you will too. We've heard it all before, this idea of “blanding” in the digital brands space, but I think all creatives need to frequently remind themselves of this ongoing occurrence. Because as this article explains, due to the vast availability of reference imagery online it's an incredibly easy trap to fall into.  


Instagram’s new chronological mode is finally here

Another day, another social platform update. Instagram has finally released their much-awaited reverse-chronological view, and a “favourites” view to all users. It's very exciting for the everyday scroller, but it does make me think: there are now three different feeds that marketers have to figure out to excel on the app. I'm exciting to see how we all navigate taking this into account in our social strategies.

A solution to your hiring woes?

When growing a business, the people you hire can make or break your business' growth. However, finding the right people can be difficult - especially when it comes to growth roles. MarketerHire is a network of pre-vetted, freelance marketers. Their mission is to connect top marketing talent and hot startups with businesses quickly and seamlessly.

Identify and slash the hidden carbon footprint in your supply chain

In a time where packaging experiences have to be beautifully designed, and let's be honest, a little “extra," it can be hard to find a solution that doesn't compromise the sustainability of your supply chain. Having just raised $20M, Sourceful is an incredible tool that works with brands to shrink the environmental damage associated with their product sourcing choices, via offering a marketplace of vetted suppliers.

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This influencer created an Airbnb, and it's genius

"Celebrities-and-influencers-starting-beauty-brands" has become a Cuppa staple. We love dissecting whether they're just a cash grab, or whether there really is strong founder-market fit. But we get even more excited when we discover influencers working on new and innovative ventures, such as Shelby Church. With 1.7M followers on YouTube, Shelby has been publicly documenting her journey of turning a renovated house into an Airbnb. It's genius because firstly, entering hospitality as an influencer is new and buzz-worthy. Secondly, she's giving her fans a way to engage with her universe in a direct way. Thirdly, it's another income stream that over time will grow beyond just her fanbase. Plus she's ensured it's not just a house, but a brand, by giving it a name, a logo and even merch!

How other people use the internet

Ready to go down an internet rabbit hole? Of course you are. Every Friday, Embedded quiz a very cool “very online” person to get their essential guide to what’s good on the internet. Not only are the interviews overflowing with good recommendations, but they simply provide great insight into how people beyond your bubble are spending their time online.

In the past year, the non-alcoholic market grew 33%

An interesting deep dive into the evolution of drinking culture, and how non-alcoholic beverage brands are leveraging these shifts to create an industry that is set to eclipse the alcohol industry.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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