March 19, 2024

Cuppa 25: UGC, 100 Growth Strategies, Blank Street, Nimcels

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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The new category of influencers who don't want your money

Nano, Micro, Mid-Tier, Macro, Mega…surely we've reached peak categorization of influencers? Apparently not. Meet the new guys on the block - ‘Nimcels’ (niche-internet-micro-celebrities). This article explains how for this new category, it's not about size or capital, it’s about ~energy~ and the intention behind their posting. The marketer in me is excited to see brands attempt to interact with this new breed of talent, but the consumer in me is hopeful that we may finally let some creators…just be creators?

New equations for how to launch a brand

I'm sure I'm not alone when I admit that the constant barrage of new celebrity makeup brands or just prettier versions of existing products (seriously, how many sparkling water brands do we need?) has left me feeling a little bored with consumer product land. But it's in times like this where the real innovators shine and new chapters are added to the brand launch playbook. Take Graza, who honed in on reinventing the packaging of olive oil, quietly tapping into our growing interest in the less glamorous side of the restaurant world. But if knuckling down on product development from the get-go isn't your thing, "building a cult" is quickly becoming the new first step in the brand-building playbook (cult + time = brand).


Know how and where to spend your budget this peak season

As we enter into peak season, it's crucial that you understand the value of your marketing channels beyond last click alone. Although, we get that's easier said than done. So this week we're revisiting a blog post written by our Chief Data Officer, Dan, which provides some golden tips on how to uncover the true ROI of your channels, so that you know where to spend your budget in Q4.

100 growth strategies from indie founders

Whether it's how to use Reddit to boost your mailing list or how to get to #1 on Product Hunt, this airtable is jam-packed with growth strategies to help inspire new thoughts or growth tests. Pass this one on to your whole team, as there's something for every department.

A tool that increases conversion rate with better customer reviews

With $33.5M in total capital raised to date, Okendo is a customer marketing platform to keep on your radar. Here's how it works:  it collects content directly from customers, including reviews and UGCs, and then displays it at key points throughout your store. You can also extend the value of the content captured beyond your website and integrate it into your paid marketing channels.

Sasha 👋

Snr. Marketing & Content Manager at Charlie Oscar

"We've seen first-hand the power of UGC as growth ammunition. Using our CO-INSIDE Influencer solution, we've helped Different Dog generate an endless supply of UGC creative, which has helped drop the overall CPA across their FB account by 20%."

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UGC is one of your most powerful growth levers


Instagram and TikTok are eating into Google’s core products

Whether it's pondering a clothing item purchase or looking for things to do in London, TikTok is now my autopilot destination for information. Scary. Turns out I'm not alone, with 40% of young people admitting to using TikTok or Instagram when looking for a place for lunch, not Google Maps or Search.

The internet is looking after Corn Boy

Depending on the areas of the internet you hang out on, you may know that Corn Boy is the latest viral sensation, or should I say ‘nimcel.' Tariq's fame began last week when he was featured in a video speaking about his love of corn. Watch at your own risk, as you will find yourself quoting it at any given moment. Of course, brands have instantly started circling and his image is everywhere, which has raised some eyebrows over the ethics of it all due to his age. Luckily it looks like the world has his back, and he's getting his fair share of profit.

This coffee chain has finally infiltrated London!

Remember when I mentioned Blank Street a couple of months ago? They've finally made it to London, and I think I was bang on with my theory. Their distribution strategy is killer. They well and truly have invaded the corner streets of London and are firmly cementing their position as a rival to Pret, Costa, and Starbucks. I'll happily say on record that their coffee is pretty good too. Have you tried them out yet? Let me know if you're still sticking by Pret, or is Blank Street your new go-to?  

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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