March 19, 2024

Cuppa 30: McDonalds, Influencer Age Gaps, Budgeting, Attribution, TikTok Grandparents

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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A McDonald's ad with zero food or restaurant shots?!

Directed by Hollywood filmmaker, Edgar Wright, I've been fangirling over this McDonald's ad all week. It comprises of zero dialogue, and features zero food, branding or restaurants. This may be considered blasphemy to some marketers…but really, it's genius. It successfully entertains and holds your attention by dramatising the universal human behaviour of “the cheeky McDonalds signal" between friends. Yep, we've all done it! If you're a true brand nerd, you'll also notice the very seamless visual branding cues throughout, like the yellow and red clothing. *chef's kiss* advertising 🤌

Is the golden DTC formula officially over? Yes.

This a great article that delves into the attitudes of a new generation of founders rejecting the DTC playbook that brands like Warby Parker and Away pioneered over the last decade. Instead, they're forging a new era of brand and business thinking, where being self-funded, growing sustainably, and becoming profitable is at focus.

L'Oréal tackles the influencer age gap

There's no denying that the beauty industry has taken their sweet time to capitalise on buying power of older demographics and the influence of older creators. But this new campaign from L'Oréal, featuring influencers over the age of 40, is a promising signal that the age gap in beauty may be changing course.

Uber Eats perfectly taps into the zeitgeist

I promise to reign it in on my Kardashian mentions in Cuppa, but Kris Jenner makes it very hard! Their latest brand deal is with Uber Eats Australia, with Kendall fronting the campaign by mocking her viral cucumber cutting moment from the family's reality series. It's the perfect example of a brand tapping into culture to communicate their positioning in a way that resonates and entertains.


Meet your COmpass - your solution for bottom line growth

Last week we officially released COmpass to the market. COmpass is our proprietary attribution solution that identifies the true value of your entire marketing ecosystem, providing you with a single source of truth for bottom line growth. While it's been in BETA, the results have exceeded our expectations:

We've driven 4x business growth in one year (at 43% lower CAC/CPA) for our portfolio business, Different Dog.

✅  Achieved record numbers of 90% higher new user acquisition and 49% lower CAC/CPA for clients across luxury and FMCG verticals.

After a tough Q4, and with attribution becoming more complicated, spaces for our next cohort are filling fast. So make sure to sign up for our waitlist below to hold your spot as we slowly release it from BETA.

The ultimate ad library tool  

If you like to spy on your competitors via the FB ad library or the TikTok creative centre, Swipekit is the tool for you. Once you've installed the chrome extension, you can save any ad across FB, TikTok and LinkedIn at the click of a button, with each ad then populating into you personal library that you can download. Happy spying!

Discover your optimal marketing budget split

As firm believers in the importance of balancing brand and performance, another handy tool that we recommend checking out is the marketing budget calculator from Tracksuit. The calculator is based on the Les Binet and Peter Field 60/40 methodology. After crunching data from thousands of marketing effectiveness case studies, they found that the optimal split for sustainable growth is 60% of marketing spend committed to brand marketing and 40% to sales activation.

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90% higher new user acquisition and 49% lower CAC/CPA


TikTok grandparents are coming for your algorithm  

It’s a twist on the momager: according to the Wall Street Journal, grandkids are increasingly turning their grandparents into TikTok stars and finding themselves toiling behind the scenes. Take Dolores Paolino, 89, who has 2.4 million TikTok followers. Her engagement rate is what some brands dream of!

The Gen Z brand yearbook

A fun publication that delves into the brands that successfully connected with Gen Z last year, capturing their attention and purse strings, and the ones that have the biggest opportunity to do so in 2023, either due to their market dominance or some other unfair advantage.

Discord acquires the social app, Gas  

The poll-based app has become popular among teens in recent months, allowing friends to share compliments with each other. The app is designed for anonymous compliments and positive affirmations or, as kids say, gassing your friends up.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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