March 19, 2024

Cuppa 33: US Performance, 7-figure Affiliates, CPG Airbnb's, UGC, Alex Cooper

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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YETI takes a stab at OOH  

With so much focus on paid social advertising these days, I always feel a little giddy when I see a brand make a killer OOH campaign, and YETI's recent execution ticks all my boxes. It's a great example of how to communicate complex products using simplistic, punchy, high-impact language that stands the test of time.

Gwyneth has filled an Airbnb with Goop goodies

Actress and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow is putting the guesthouse to her California home on Airbnb this September. The listing promises time with her, meals, pool access, a guided transcendental meditation session, plus the guarantee of getting “gooped.” Is Airbnb the next great advertising platform?  

My dream brand listings? I vote for Amie Wines, Vacation, Djerf Avenue!

A handy podcast tool

Starting a podcast or recording remote interviews can be expensive, especially if you're aiming for high-quality. This slick new tool lowers the barrier to entry, making it easy to record in studio quality without the studio.

UGC Is Dead?!

In our latest Cuppa video series, Sasha breaks down the debate over UGC's decline in performance, and why brands shouldn't give up on it just yet! 👇


US DTC Performance Struggles

If you're experiencing the seemingly growing trend of challenging DTC performance in the US right now, here's what you need to know:

Ways in which brands can do this include;

How to scale an affiliate programme to 7 figures

I've scaled several affiliate programmes to seven figures for luxury consumer brands by focusing on 3 crucial tactics: a diverse publisher mix, strategic incentivization and relationship nurturing.

20 secrets to 10x your paid social

Toby Winch nails this post. Test and repeat his tips, and you're on your way to being in the top 20% of digital brands.

Christmas in July?!

Google has released its holiday guide with a focus on leveraging its AI solutions to capture unpredictable holiday demand through utilising Performance Max campaigns. The guide also emphasises importance of leveraging Google tools, such as its new AI powered Product Studio (US Beta) and seasonal bidding strategies.

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Alex Cooper launches the Unwell network

After signing a $60M Spotify deal in 2021, Alex, the host of the “Call Her Daddy" podcast has announced the launch of The Unwell Network - a talent network for young Gen Z creators to helps support their audio and video projects.

I see this as yet another signal of the next evolution of creators:

Collaborating with brands > being hired by brands > owning brands > investing and taking equity > creating media empires.

Are Gen Z now the cringe generation?

Gen Alpha are now creating meme's and building their own internet culture, but no one understands them? Finally, Gen Z's might give us millennials a break!

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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