September 4, 2023

Cuppa 34: Fake Billboards, 3 Tips for Ad Creative, TikTok API, Sorority Fashion

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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The era of FOOH (Fake OOH)

From Maybelline's CGI tube stunt to countless billboard mock-ups, has anyone else noticed an increasing number of brands posting OOH campaigns on LinkedIn that aren't actually live? It's an interesting marketing behaviour as it seems to be less centred around talking to consumers, and more so done to “peacock” at competitors and industry folk.

Mr. Beast's winning YouTube formula  

What happens when you spend 7 days straight analysing every single video and interview from the biggest YouTuber in the world? You decipher their formula. And in Mr. Beasts case, apparently he applies the same successful formula to every single video he publishes.

Customer reviews in the wild

I noticed this ad from Method on the tube yesterday and thought it was a fabulous way to transform bold, and funny reviews from customers into simple, yet impactful OOH creative.

3 Tips for Better Ad Creative

Did you know that creative accounts for 80% of social algorithms, making it key a lever in ad performance? In our latest Cuppa video series, Sasha unveils our top 3 tips for better ad creative 👇


Beauty Industry Musings  

Farfetch recently announced they're exiting the beauty category, just a year after entering it.

In the last 10 or so years, new beauty brands and retailers have been springing up with whitelabel products, cut price margins and riding on the back of the social ad golden age. But with a pandemic, TikTok, and a whole new generation of beauty buyers, things have changed.

Consumers shop differently now (hello TikTok shop), loyalty has fallen, and competition has increased.

As always, the brand which prioritise the customer experience, building community, and providing wider holistic value will win.

After a prosperous period for the beauty industry, if feels like we're entering a time of redefining the category; revisiting what it means to be an authoritative, value-adding brand or retailer in the space that will stand the test of time.

TikTok provides increased insight to Shopify Merchants

TikTok is about to expand its events API for Shopify merchants - this means more data points for advertisers when tracking campaign performance, which should make it easier Shopify users to optimise their marketing efforts. The integration will allow businesses to share data directly, improving accuracy in audience targeting, campaign performance measurement, and marketing attribution. It's being reported that advertisers using the TikTok pixel and events API together have seen a 19% increase in captured events + a 15% improvement in CPA - this could be of particular interest to us, and others in the industry, for a number of reasons:

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Creative accounts for 80% of social algorithms


Sorority Rush TikTok shows students wearing $20,000 outfits  

When it comes to conspicuous consumption on social media, it's been a summer of Euro trips and Taylor Swift tickets. But as college students return to campus, the latest fad is $20,000 outfits for sorority rush season.⁣ As luxury brands continue to push the envelope with various Gen Z ambassadors, I wonder if Rush season will be something they eventually tap into…

A Live Shopping Factory?!

Came across this video on Twitter and I don't know whether to be scared or excited. It really demonstrates how rapidly UGC-style content has dominated the creative landscape, and how far we're going as an industry to keep up with platform demands.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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