October 4, 2023

Cuppa 35: Brand Colours, Gen Z Influencers, BFCM Prep, and News Fandoms

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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Are we losing colour?

In a time of maximalist DTC branding, it's quite interesting to take a step back and see that our favourite apps have been shedding their colour. I'm personally enjoying the more expressive time we're currently in for e-comm, so let's not use this as a sign to go back to blanding - please!

The winners of Fast Company's annual design awards

With so much chat around AI, sifting through this list of up-and-coming designers and household names is a nice reminder that an algorithm alone can't truly understand how to design for human needs and desires.

What Gen Z Craves from Influencer Marketing

When it comes to identifying influencers, to inspire action, you want to connect with the ✨ right people ✨. At Charlie Oscar, we believe in deep diversification and variety when it comes to casting - from influence levels to content niches - to ensure we are achieving maximum resonance within the brand's target demographic. In our latest Cuppa video series, our Influencer Strategist, Scarlett, dives into what Gen Z crave from influencer marketing and how brands can tap in.👇


Prep early for BFCM: How to measure your results more accurately  

Ahead of BFCM (very ahead), we're busy re-reading a very insightful blog article from our Chief Data Officer, Dan, about how to accurately measure ROI from your BFCM offers. Spoiler alert: the impressive spike in sales you're expecting this year might be misleading…

Don't miss TikTok's 2023 Holiday Guide

Plan your best holiday season yet! TikTok's killer guide covers a month-by-month plan for a holiday campaign, how to leverage TikTok's tools and e-commerce solutions, seasonal creative best practices as well as optimisation strategies!

TLDR? Here are the key takeouts:

1. Start building your audiences early in time for peak seasons!

2. Peak holiday - Engage your audience and scale!

3. Post Holiday - keep the momentum!

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To inspire action you want to connect with the right people


The fandomization of news

I've seen many entertainment reporters during my TikTok scroll, but more recently I've seen a huge spike in young “journalists" reporting on news stories, regurgitating facts and information they've found elsewhere online. This article dives deep into just this, and reinforces the importance of people's preference for news to come from people they trust - which today, is creators.

Get around this cool new foodie app

For all our London readers/food-lovers, meet Appetite, the new social / foodie app to have on your radar and the latest BETA version of their app is now open! I don't really think we need another social app (can someone please check on Threads?), but the blend of being able to discover, reserve and share is something special!

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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