October 2, 2023

Cuppa 36: Q4 Performance Tips, TikTok Analytics, Dupe Culture, Tube Girl, Swiftonomics.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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Olaplex's genius play on dupe culture

I squealed a little when I saw this. IT'S. SO. CLEVER. Even down to the detail of Olaplex not talking about the campaign or taking ownership of it on their owned channels. It also poses a lot of interesting questions around whether consumers really care about the difference between counterfeit vs. dupes vs. the real thing…

How P&O Ferries' marketing shift increased bookings by 120%

I love some simple, bold copy, and P&O Ferries' latest campaign doesn't disappoint. Shifting the conversation from speed to comfort, the ads are a great example of how to communicate a pain-point and solution in an impactful way.

How the best ideas are born

If you're at your desk right now, feeling slumped on the creativity front, this interview with Adam Ross (one of the best strategy and creative team leaders I've ever worked with) is a wonderful reminder to take a step back. Like most creatives, I usually come up with my best ideas outside of office working hours, so get outside and feed your brain with the stimulus it needs to form new connections.


The data you need to know to prepare and succeed this Golden Quarter

As of September, 35% of US consumers have already started their holiday shopping, and among those 32% have already made a purchase. If you haven't started actioning your strategy, here are a few helpful data points from our own attribution models and the broader industry to guide your efforts:

We're  going to be sharing more of our Q4 insights and learnings weekly over on LinkedIn - so make sure to follow us here.

TikTok's launches new measurement tool

79% of purchases driven by TikTok are not captured through common measurement methods, according to the platform’s research. To help advertisers understand users' path to purchase and behaviour on the platform, TikTok has launched a first-party measurement solution to resolve the issues.

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The time for brands to react to cultural moments is shrinking

I've been obsessed with seeing brands jump on cultural phenomenons through activations that go beyond just using the trending TikTok filter or sound (ie. Mac Cosmetics and Tube Girl, or Panera Bread and the Roman Empire). It's fascinating to see that the time between a creator or concept going viral and brands taking action is becoming shorter and shorter. The brands who wait to cut through the red tape with their campaign ideas ultimately fall behind, those who take the punt, win.

“Swiftonomics” - how women are saving the global economy

From the Barbie movie to Beyoncé and Taylor Swift's world tours, female-led entertainment is affirming that companies, countries and communities need to take women seriously in terms of the opportunity that they represent from talent to spending power.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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