October 16, 2023

Cuppa 37: Cool CEO's, Reactivity, Beckham, Q4 Dates, Omnichannel, AI Celebs

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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The internet isn't fun anymore

Relatable and thought-provoking commentary on the declining user growth rate of social platforms (down 2.4% in 2023), and how despite more content creators than ever before, today's platforms are enabling passive consumption, and ultimately, dulling our experiences online. Whilst only a small minority of people are boycotting platforms, it does suggest a future where over-reliance on these platforms to foster community could be a risky move in the long-run.

What's with all the cool CEO's on TikTok?

Maybe it's just my algorithm, but has anyone else noticed that one of the hottest TikTok strategies right now is to showcase the fun, and sometimes crazy relationship dynamic social teams have with their CEO's? Companies like Days Brewing, Keep It Cleaner and The Attention Seeker are killing it with this strategy, racking up millions of views on their videos.

TikTok is reinventing the marketing jingle

Jumping on the latest trending audio is now child's play when it comes to social strategy. The next big thing? Being the one to create the irresistible audio-bites that draw in mass participation. Take e.l.f. Cosmetic's #eyeslipsface, which to date has millions of videos using the original music track. I can see this being a very powerful tool for brand recognition in performance creative, as many brands struggle to find engaging music or audio that doesn't come with the risk of copyright.

A masterclass in reactivity

The devil works hard, but MAC Cosmetics works harder. This past month, the beauty giant took centre stage and provided us all with a masterclass in how to react at the speed of TikTok.
In our latest Cuppa video series, our Influencer Strategist, Scarlett, breaks down their viral marketing activity and the “Moments, Signals and Forces” formula that brands should look to, to guide how fast they should react to digital phenomenons.


How Sainsbury’s are setting the bar for true omnichannel marketing

Sainsbury’s announced last week that they’re doubling the number of of in-store screens to provide the largest connected digital supermarket screen network, putting them ahead of rival Tesco. The 420 screens will generate a range of customer interactions including QR codes and relevant offers, as well as building brand and product awareness.

TikTok teams up with Google to drive search traffic

Word on the street is these tech giants are exploring a potential partnership. TikTok might integrate Google search prompts into its search stream, offering users a seamless experience.

These are the key sales dates you NEED to know for Q4 👇

📦 October 10th and 11th - Amazon Prime Big Deal Days
Marking Amazon's second mega sale of 2023, this week will feature two days of epic deals.

👻 October 31st – Halloween
Not just an excuse to eat fun-size chocolate, Halloween spending is expected to reach a record $12BN this year.

💕 November 11th – Single’s Day / 11.11
What started as an anti-Valentine’s shopping holiday in China, Single’s Day is now the world’s biggest shopping holiday, with Alibaba Group taking an eyewatering $157BN last year. Presence has been steadily growing in Europe and we anticipate brands to play BIG this year.

🦃 23rd November – Thanksgiving
Landing during the Cyber period warm-up, consumer spending reaching over $5BN in the US last year.

🤑 24th November - Black Friday
The mother of all dates. Although consumers are shopping earlier, this date is still big, bringing in over $9BN last year. We predict SMS is going to play a key part in marketing strategies this year.

💻 27th November - Cyber Monday
Last year two-thirds of consumers shopped both Black Friday AND Cyber Monday, so give them a reason to come back for more.

👩‍💼 25th - Small Business Saturday
A day to encourage consumers to support small businesses – which is more important now than ever before, and consumers have been turning out, with sales topping $1BN in 2022.

🟢 11th December - Green Monday
It may not have the same hype as other dates, but the second Monday in December sees one the busiest shopping days online as the clock ticks towards the big day and delivery windows shorten.

🎁 26th December - Boxing Day
The traditional start of end-of-season sales; intent is high over this period, as consumers get itchy after too much time indoors and are in the mood to shop.

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Halloween spending is expected to reach a record $12BN


What in the Black Mirror is Meta doing?!

Buckle up everyone, social is getting even more bizarre, as Meta introduces celebrity AI characters.

Brand it like Beckham

If you're travelling anytime soon or are planning to have a couch day, and need something semi-productive to watch, I'd highly recommend David Beckham's new documentary on Netflix. Coming in at over 4 hours, it's not only a great dose of 90's pop-culture nostalgia, but it provides many lessons in how to keep your brand alive through thick and thin.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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