January 10, 2024

Cuppa 38: Weird Brands, Kardashians, Storytelling, Search Trends, Natural Beauty

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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The Glory of storytelling

I think about the brand vs. performance debate daily, because in today's climate of budget cuts, measurement woes and need for immediate results, it can feel impossible to have them harmoniously in sync. This wonderful article delves into this challenge perfectly, highlighting the importance of long-term storytelling; making it a grounding read for any brand builder who feels disheartened by the future of brand-marketing.

The Quarterly Kardashian-Jenner Update

I haven't spoken about them at all this quarter (I'm surprised too), so I'm squeezing two updates into one. First up is Kylie, who has announced she is expanding her empire with another attempt at fashion design. Her first attempt only lasted a year, but I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling optimistic about this one. Named, KHY, It's giving Gen Z, quiet luxury, and if it has a higher price point, I think it has legs in today's market. Second up is Kim, who this week finally launched a SKIMS menswear range and of course in true Kim fashion, she announced it with a topical, on-trend, buzzy campaign. However, what I love most about this business move is that it isn't just a cash-grab, it's been 3 years in the making and was initiated by true customer demand.

The concept of “weirdness" and brands

Pop this podcast on during your next commute. Hosted by Jasmine Bina and Concept Bureau Strategist Rebecca Johnson, it explores how brands that are willing to venture into strange and bizarre territories have a chance to connect with their audiences in a deeply emotional way - think brands like Liquid Death.


My key 2024 takeaways for growth teams from the Women in International Marketing Event

TikTok launches out-of-phone

TikTok are launching OOH advertising for brands It's called 'Out of Phone' and will allow brands to activate campaigns onto billboards, movie screens and certain venues such as restaurants, bars, airports and retail stores. I have mixed feelings about the effectiveness of this…it will require a completely different content strategy to what mobile requires - would love to hear people's thoughts, hit that reply button!

You can now shop products from Made in Chelsea…via QR Codes?!

The integration of #QR codes into 'shoppable' ads can feel a little gimmicky, and has been used by brands like Camden Town Brewery (for their 'drinkable' ad) or Coinbase's Superbowl ad with great success for direct response. Will be interesting to see how this product placement continues to evolve…

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Is “natural beauty” a marketing scam?

Glossier kick-started it, Pamela Anderson's bare face at Paris Fashion Week was hailed as a “revolution" and trends like the “clean-girl-aesthetic” have taken over the zeitgeist. But is it all just exposing how the goalposts of beauty standards are always shifting for women? With brands like MAC having a resurgence and Makeup by Mitchell taking over TikTok, I'm also starting to wonder whether the beauty trend-cycle is about to come full circle, and over-the-top makeup looks will be back in fashion before we know it…

Betches and Ladbible join the next gen media empire wave

Britain's LADbible Group owner LBG Media has announced that they have acquired US-based women's media brand Betches for $24M in cash to help expand into the US and boost their female audience. Following other signals this year like the launch of Alex Cooper's Unwell Network, it's clear that Women are increasingly creating the most sought-after content on the internet.

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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