March 19, 2024

Cuppa 7: Facebook CPM's, brand ≠ business, sexual wellness, supply chain

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Sexual wellbeing: the next frontier in wellness?

By Robbie Muir

Wellness is everywhere: beauty products are branded as 'self-care', meditation apps are the norm, we're drowning in yoga leggings and there's a supplement for just about everything.

Gen Z, LGBTQ+ communities, and digital distribution = heightened demand. 

Education, contraception, sex toys and lubricants = the current market trends

Leaders in the category will focus on brand, inclusivity, product innovation and subscription business models 


Turning COVID-shortages into a brand building opportunity

Fluff is an Australia-based ‘casual cosmetics’ company, with tagline: It's ok to feel more with makeup, so long as you don't feel less without it. Challenging beauty and business norms is core to their brand, and they stayed true to that approach even when things didn't quite go to plan. 


Tracksmith is successfully developing a high-integrity brand

The word ‘brand’ is often (incorrectly) used where ‘business’ would suffice. True brands have a distinct point of view; an outlook on the world that acts as a filter for all of their creative and operational decisions. Independent running brand Tracksmith is a best-in-class brand in the making. Their dedication to “the running class” is unwavering, and viscerally comes to life through their creative, comms, product and grassroots coverage of local track meets. 


Roger Federer leaves Nike for On Running

Roger Federer left his $10 million a year Nike sponsorship, to invest in On Running (and co-produce a line of tennis sneakers). This is a great example of how the ‘new guard’ are using novel (less restrictive) financial structures to partner with creators and celebrities. It's great timing for On, who are speculatively on track to IPO for up to $5 billion.



Repeat raises $6M Series A for it's ‘a la carte’ re-ordering tool

Last month, I took stock of all of the subscriptions I had, and the final sum was in the hundreds. Not pretty. Post-purge, I'm now hyper-cautious of subscribing to anything new. Repeat just raised a $6M Series A to help brands serve customers like me - those that don't want to subscribe, but still need a (personalised) nudge to replenish every once and a while.


Reframing marketing as the ‘digital supply chain’

Every consumer brand should view creating demand for their product, in the same way they view manufacturing their product: through the lens of supply chain efficiency. This argument suggests that at the core of the ‘digital supply chain' is an in-house media operation.


How Missguided doubled their sales with influencers

Fast-fashion and the hyper-relevant, one-click-shop nature of social media go hand in hand, so it's no surprise Missguided is reporting outsized success with influencer marketing. Their approach (influencer content going live almost every day (!), with larger pushes for new collections) has landed them an ROI of 6x and 165% increase in sales month-on-month.


Facebook CPM's are dropping “like a stone”

This is one to share with your paid social teams - in the past 4 weeks CPM's have dropped by 21%, returning FB costs to 2019 levels, and presenting an opportunity for brands with the know-how to take advantage.

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Whilst the sector was slow to emerge, it’s heating up.


Money won't buy you happiness. But wine will

The more you spend on a wine, the more you like it. This isn't because the wine is of a higher quality (there's actually a negative correlation between price and quality) but rather because you usually know more about it, and this knowledge affects how you perceive the taste. This is a fascinating (and funny) read about how wine is the only reliable way to turn money into happiness. 


Channel 4's ‘Superhuman’ ad progress conversations around disability

Channel 4 produced an incredible ad to celebrate the Paralympic Games. It's nuanced, gritty, and funny, and explores the loaded term ‘superhuman’ that is often ascribed to differently abled athletes. The ad ends with a tongue-in-cheek line “To be a Paralympian there’s got to be something wrong with you" referring more to their ridiculous dedication than anything to do with their physical appearance.


Post-pandemic social awkwardness…in video form

Amelia Dimoldenberg's Chicken Shop Date, is a YouTube series that features socially awkward dates. In chicken shops. The most watched video has over 9 million views, and it perfectly embodies the kind of interactions that must be happening across the country as we all slowly emerge from our lockdown cocoons.

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