November 16, 2023

Cuppa 39: The Influencer Edition - Measurement, Execution Trends, Creative and Full-Funnel Strategies

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative

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Sheerluxe launches new talent arm

A few weeks ago, I spoke about how making the internal team more visible in content is the hottest TikTok strategy as of late. Companies like Days Brewing and Keep it Cleaner are raking in millions of views by leveraging relationship dynamics and the daily happenings within their offices. Another brand who has been doing this extremely well is Sheerluxe. When you watch their videos you can't help but feel like you're apart of their inner circle. This strategy has worked so well for them they've now launched a Talent Management arm to their media empire. The first line up of talent on the roster? The team members themselves.

Not only is it a business power move, but a signal of how TikTok is increasingly democratising who is considered influential. Audiences are looking to connect with relatable creators who are experts in their niche, but lead 9-5 lifestyles just like they do.

Community events > Influencer events

This twitter thread on the rise of Cotopaxi - the $100M sustainable outdoors brand - is an inspiring read for any brand builder. However, what sticks out in their story is their approach to community events. To gain brand momentum it would have been tempting to pay loads of influencers in return for content. Instead, they tapped into their audience passion point, hosted an event, 5,000 people showed up, and 30,000 social media posts of people wearing CotoPaxi's backpacks was generated in 24 hours. That amount of reach and organic content volume is arguably more powerful than any influencer post.

So If you're in 2024 planning mode, think about allocating budget and time to prioritising your customers. Treat them like influencers. Hosting community events is a great way to thank them for their loyalty, and drive UGC by letting them be the organic content creators.

This doesn't necessarily mean throwing lavish, expensive events. It could be a run club or some drinks at a pub. Brands like Puresport, and Amie Wine do this very well.

TikTok’s $1 billion creator fund is shutting down

After criticism and reports of underpaying popular creators, TikTok is shifting focus to its Creativity Program, which requires creators to make videos longer than 1 minute, but promises higher rewards.

The art of product seeding

Phone case brand, Pela, seeds 2000-3000 influencers every month, with a 50% opt-in rate. Seems crazy right? We execute seeding campaigns at scale for clients at Charlie Oscar, and cannot agree more with the insights that are divulged in this podcast episode from Kynship and the founder of Pela, Matthew Bertulli.

Key Takeouts:


Your influencer metrics are bullsh*t

Excuse our french (we're just really passionate about this topic). If you're still measuring your influencer efforts with vanity metrics like code redemptions, likes, engagement rates and impressions, we're sorry but it's not giving your hard-work any justice.

Influencer campaigns are massively undervalued by click or voucher code based measurement. At Charlie Oscar, we have proven for clients that up to 85% of influencer value is in upper funnel impacts, which cannot be measured by GA or voucher codes alone.

Built based on our experience driving growth for brands including Meta, Uber, The Very Group and Apple Music, our attribution solution, COmpass, uses econometric modelling to help our clients navigate the true value of their entire marketing funnel, yep, even influencers (online and offline).

Charlie Oscar's Head of Content and Creative, Sasha, delves into how we do this below 👇

Influencers should be seen as a performance channel, executed with a full-funnel lens

Influencer-led paid media is booming as a new media channel, yet so many brands are not taking advantage of it due to operational challenges and lack of understanding. But the results are too powerful to put it to the side. At Charlie Oscar, our clients' influencer-led paid media creative is 20-30% more effective than general ad campaigns.

Here is a simple playbook to help you to begin testing:

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Influencer-led paid media creative is 20-30% more effective


Influencers help elevate the JD Sports bag to cultural staple

Christmas ads have arrived and this one from JD Sports is a one of my favourites so far. Celebrating over 25 years of the iconic JD duffle bag, the ad cements its unrivalled status in British youth culture. But what I love most about it is how they've integrated influencers like Central Cee, Joy Crookes and Kano, so seamlessly amongst real British youth. It's not an over the top celebrity endorsement with a fantastical plot or jingle (I'm looking at you Michael Bublé and ASDA). It's unexpected, relatable, authentic and nails the target audience. Well played JD.

PR tactics for the Influencer Generation: "The Chris Olsen Effect"

Brands are revamping the infamous “PR Relationship” tactic for the influencer and TikTok generation. But more interestingly, it signals a new movement, where brands are finding loopholes in the creator partnership space which allow them to dodge the #paidforcontent framework, and in turn, create content that appears hyper-genuine.

Charlie Oscar's Influencer Strategist, Scarlett, breaks down this new trend further below 👇

Sasha Jeppesen
Head of Creative
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